Use a WordPress site to create a mobile app

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  • Anil Jaiswal

    In the index.js, the application throws an uncaught referenceError: Zepto is not defined.

    I have done everything as you have described, zepto.min.js is linked too but I don’t know what’s going wrong. Please help.

  • http://testamento.bugs3.com/ Marcos Antonio

    hello!, please can you help me?

    i did exactly as you said and set everything but i get error in the index. js
    i attached a picture of the index. js to show you the error, may you please help me?

  • Werner Moser

    In the section “Displaying the post” you have the wrong source code. It’s the code for the list again and not for #blog-template. Would be awesome if you could correct this

    thanks werner