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Author: Steve Jenkins
25th April 2009

HTML tip: Create a site map

Manually create a site map to improve your Google ranking

HTML tip: Create a site map
Manually create a site map to i
mprove your Google ranking.

THE EASY WAY to create a site map is to add the URLs of a site into a text file. First, open a text editor that resides on your machine, eg, Notepad in Windows. Now start creating the site map by adding one URL per line, eg:

Google allows up to 50,000 different URLs, and offers some guidelines that states users must fully specify URLs as Google attempts to crawl them exactly as provided. Others of note include: the text file must use UTF-8 encoding, only contain URLs and no header or footer information. The text file can be saved with any name a user desires, but for readability, save as ‘sitemap.txt’. The next step is to upload the text file to a web server and placed in the highest-level directory that search engines will crawl. If submitting a site map to Google or the first time, users will need to create a Google Webmasters account ( webmasters). When logged in, add the URL of the site in Dashboard and press Add Site. This will appear in the Dashboard, so next click Add under the Sitemap heading, choose a type, ie Add General Web Sitemap, and add in the name of the previously created site map file and press Add General Web Sitemap. Now it’s a matter of waiting for Google to process the submitted site map.

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    • Ofer

      I added a sitemap to my websites and i have to say, there is not much of a change there.
      Google does a great job with its webmaster tool though

    • Jerry Shafferton

      Maybe you did it wrong, a sitemap makes it easier for spiders/bots to trawl your site and index every page. Our site has a properly made sitemap and we only have two or three pages that are not indexed by google. And we dont just have a few pages we have at least 35. If you need help making a sitemap properly, go to they done mine for a very reasonable price, very cheap actually considering there are places that charge around a hundred pounds and it is a bit too much for an xml sitemap. Email them and they will give you a quote

    • Web Design in Kent

      I agree with the commend above. It needs to be looked… doesnt sound right to me!