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Author: Steve Jenkins
3rd April 2014

Web Design for Beginners bookazine out now

New to web design? Get your hands on this bookazine to start you on the path to brilliant websites

Web Design for Beginners bookazine out now

Web Design for Beginners is the ultimate handbook for anyone starting out in web design looking to create a seamless, beautiful experience for website visitors. We’ve covered the basics of HTML, CSS, Photoshop and even featured tutorials on social media and how to make money off your website. Finally, we’ve covered responsive design and its growing importance as the world goes mobile.


Build a site
- Learn the basics of HTML and CSS

- Give your blog a unique look and character

Understanding SEO
- Lure visitors with your enticing content via the web

Customise your site
- Add social media and multimedia to complete the experience

Also inside…

Build a site
- An introduction to HTML
- Create a basic layout
- Code a link
- Create lists in your website
- All about div tags
- Create a three-column layout
- An introduction to CSS
- Centre your page
- Define text and heading styles
- Style your lists to stand out
- Turn lists into navigation bars
- Format images using CSS
- Add a background image
- Customise your link
- Style a two-column layout
- Create a header
- Create a sidebar
- Add content to the main area
- Add content to your footer

- 5 WordPress starter themes
- Download, install and set up a self-hosted site
- View and organise WordPress dashboard modules
- Creating a WordPress blog
- Edit your WordPress blog posts
- Post images into your blog
- Add video and audio to a blog
- Create, apply and manage tags
- Manage links in your website’s sidebar

Understanding SEO
- Get to the top of Google
- Get more people to visit your website
- Use Google Analytics to understand your audience
- Create a Google sitemap for easier searching

Photoshop & Graphics
- 25 Photoshop tips
- Optimise images for load times and SEO
- Create great backgrounds
- Design a header and footer
- Build infographics in CS6

Customise your site
- The art of responsive design
- Create a dropdown menu
- Get a map on your website
- Create a web form
- Add a shopping cart
- Create a login page
- Add Google fonts to your site
- Produce an image slider
- Create email newsletters and let people subscribe
- Add Twitter Cards to your site
- Add social-media buttons

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    • Clare Turton

      Why do you guys go bring out a great new edition just when I’m not working & have no money… Gah! Anyone would think you did it on purpose ;) …

    • haris awais

      great edition, perfect for learners to know all the basics and advance knowledge on web design and development

    • Lisa Anderson

      I should really invest in one of these. Hopefully i will understand web design better then. Its so hard getting used to different types of codes, and understanding why some things work and others don’t.

    • Jason Marnie

      I bought one of these not that long ago, i can honestly say best purchase of the year so far. It really has made a difference to the way i do things.

    • Sally Marie

      I have been looking for this guide everywhere can you please tell me where you got it from??