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Author: Steve Jenkins
29th May 2013

Site of the week: Kilfish

Complex illustration comes together with expert HTML skills to create a truly standout portfolio site

Site of the week: Kilfish

DESIGNER: Tamás Kósa | URL:

Beginning his career as a Flash designer, Tamás Kósa has moved his portfolio website through various different versions to arrive at its current incarnation. With Flash use on the wane for online portfolios, Tamás has created a visually arresting site to showcase his work using the latest HTML5 techniques.

As Tamás explains: “Kilfish is version six of my site and is one of my first HTML designs, which also allowed me to experiment with the new coding standard. I tried to use lots of animations yet maintaining the usability of the site. However, performance on some devices looked sluggish. When you want to build a spectacular website [that’s] rich in animation, the most difficult task is to find a good balance between animation and performance.”

From the moment this site loads, you know that Tamás has certainly struck the balance spot on. From the initial homepage, visitors are drawn into the site and it’s difficult not to instantly become curious about the detailed illustrations and iconography that Tamás has developed.

There is also a clear sense of humour throughout this site that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Balancing this is a strong group of work that clearly illustrates that Tamás has successfully transitioned from his Flash roots. As the visitor begins to scroll, their screen comes alive. Vertical scrolling may have become somewhat passé of late, but here it reveals the multiple talents of a designer who is a master of several design disciplines.


Tamás’s strong illustration skills are evident from the outset, and he places these amazing creations front and centre across his site.


Tamás’s Flash background is clearly evident as his site showcases motion graphics alongside static illustrations to great effect.


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    • jadwiga oglesbee

      This is absolutely stunning! I love all the movement that happens when you scroll down the home page! Awesome pick, Steve!