How to create responsive HTML5 forms

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  • http://craigwebbart.com @cwebba1

    Your link to the demo for this seems to be broken. It brings me to a “Tutorial Files Archive” page with no indication of where to go from there. Using the search to find “Responsive HTML5 forms” yields nothing. This tutorial looks very interesting but without access to the demo file it is useless.

    You may need to re-think your UX and incorporate the code into the tutorial itself.

    However, the “Tutorial Files Archive” page does lead to the possibility of finding lots of useful information, albeit randomly. Thank you therefore for your efforts. Please email a direct link to the demo files for “Responsive HTML5 forms” to me if you have a chance. I am still interested in learning this. Best, -@cwebba1

  • rockt
  • http://themeshive.com Avinash

    Test your site in various devices from an iPhone and iPad, to a Kindle and on Android on the Responsivetools. It also shows your site both in portrait and landscape mode. I like this tool much more because of the outlines of the devices displayed on the page, which brings more meaning to the whole process.

  • http://chime.me chime

    This is not responsive at all.

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  • http://cybertechdesign.blogspot.in/ gobind

    new css and jquery tricks cybertechdesign.blogspot.in

  • Avijit Kumar

    how to search which issue number is this??

    seriously it is very confusing..u should give tutorial number or issue number right here !!!

  • Nic

    Such a pretty SHITTY website , absolutly endless loading,….and bad architectural information….very sad for a web magazine…

  • Ahmed

    how to download source file ? what is the issue number plz