Photoshop: Graphical blog themes

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  • http://AlchemyUnited.com Mark Simchock

    Nice piece.

    Unfortunately, I think you’re missing the main appeal of off-the-shelf WordPress themes…price (as well as convenience). Yes, many of the themes tend to be similar but again, one little difference is what appeals to the user/buyer. Gawd knows people insist on some pretty particular things. Custom work is nice but it’s not cheap and it takes time to build.

    That said, I’d also like to recommend you do a Part 2 that discusses development. Not all themes are equal once you get under the hood and back to the admin control panel. Quite frankly, design is quite often the easy part. How it’s marked up and how the theme is coded are extremely important to the general health of the site / brand and how it can be enhanced going forward.

    I’m not knocking great custom design. Nope. Never. I just think you missed the context target in this case. In either case, thanks for putting this together and sharing.

  • http://pooledesignstudio.com KathPoole

    I would love to see how you implement this theme.

  • mina

    will this theme is very inspiring and meaningful..