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Author: Imagine Admin
2nd June 2009

Augmented Reality

In issue 158 of Web Designer we featured a tutorial for implementing Augmented Reality with Flex

Reality Example

In issue 158 of Web Designer we featured a tutorial for implementing Augmented Reality with Flex.

To see the final project example in action, you must follow the link below. Be sure to visit in a browser equipped with the latest version of Flash Player, and make sure you have your web cam on and ready. Click ‘Allow’ in the viewing window when prompted and hold up the pattern printed on page 54 of the issue. Alternatively you may download a PDF of the page here and print.

The 3D cube object should then appear to hover over the center of the page, rotating and moving as you reposition it.

Remember that if you wish to follow the tutorial and recreate the effect then you need to purchase your copy of the magazine today!


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    • Andrea Bowes

      Wow, this is great, and addictive, have to show everyone and can’t wait to get the magazine to find out how to recreate this

    • Reece Cropley

      Awesome, Ill try and edit this for a site of my own (Y)

    • Darren Richardson

      Works a treat Mark.

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    • Ross

      My Webdesigned arrived this morning and i’m excitidly starting the tutorial now, will post my link if I can do it!

    • gato

      hey when i follow the link it takes me to a blank page ..with flash permission to access my camera i allow it and .. nothing happen after that .
      i am on my new Imac running 10.5… i would really want to check this out

    • Brooke

      I’m getting the same problem as Gato- I’m also on a mac running the newest OSX. Browser is Firefox.

    • Andrew

      gato i had the same issue with my new imac- turns out you need to right click go to settings and change the webcam to the usb one.