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Author: Steve Jenkins
10th January 2013

Web Designer HOT 100 2013 issue on sale now

Get ahead in 2013 as industry experts, including Eric Meyer and Andy Budd, reveal the hottest tools, talents and trends that are going to make a big difference in the year ahead.

Web Designer HOT 100 2013 issue on sale now

Web Designer is back with another action packed issue. Learn how to create Twitter cards, build touch responsive content, speed up WordPress and discover the techniques to make users click. Read on to find out what else what else Issue 205 has for you.

HOT 100

Industry experts unveil the tools, trends and talent that are going to be big in the coming year

Laravel: A modern PHP framework

A contemporary and eloquent framework that is taking the community by storm

10 ways to make users click

The essential techniques to engage and encourage visitors to keep coming back for more

Red Interactive

Web Designer heads to the beach paradise of Santa Monica to meet up with digital creative and storytellers RED


- Speed up WordPress and improve SEO
- Create touch responsive content for smartphones and tablets
- Create and attach Twitter cards on your site
- Generate HTML code with Ruby
- Master HTML5 localStorage
- Build a user-friendly image slider
- Create a lavish navigation system with Photoshop
- Use CSS and TweenMax to create cool transitions


Bond Cars
-Go behind the scenes with Epiphany and discover how they created the inspirational infographic of the best Bond Cars


UX expert Dean Guida reveals the implications of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement and what it means for designers


Three inspirational and contemporary sites that demonstrate the art of web design at its very best

FREE with this issue…

Xtreme Intro XML template
Ultra Grid standard WordPress theme
90 Photoshop button graphics
22 Hi-res grunge line brushes
Always a Good Time font
10 Hand-picked Javascript libraries
30 Sound effects and loops
Over 130 minutes of HTML5 & jQuery video tutorials

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    • Tracey Rickard

      Great articles again this month, thank you.

      I was just reading the article “How safe is your mobile browser?”.

      Just wondering about the comment regarding the future of the Opera browser in Africa. When countries catch up in terms of mobile hardware and network infrastructure, won’t they still use the Opera mini browser due to the cost advantages that come with it? Opera is popular World-wide, which I understood was down to data compression and the benefits that come along with that – i.e. wider accessibility and lower costs.

      I guess the simple answer is to continue to test on the full range of browsers.

      Thanks again!