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Author: Steve Jenkins
7th March 2013

Web Designer 207 on sale now

Discover how to use HTML5, CSS, Canvas and WebGL to create stunning 3D graphics, get an insight into the trick UI techniques known as Dark Patterns and learn how to customise Bootstrap

Web Designer 207 on sale now

The latest issue is now on the shelves and in our online stores, so what’s in the issue.


Discover how to use HTML5, CSS, Canvas and WebGL to create stunning 3D graphics
Web Designer 207 on sale now

Dark Patterns

UX expert Harry Brignull unveils the questionable UI techniques employed to boost conversion rates
Web Designer 207 on sale now

Demystifying REST

An in-depth and practical insight into the principles behind implementing web APIs

KoKo Digital

Viral games developer reveals how viral marketing has evolved on mobile platforms

- Customise the default Bootstrap framework
- Rapid app creation with Sammy.js
- Build a custom RSS feed
- Create cool CSS badges with Arctext.js
- Build a Facebook shop with StoreYa
- Build stylish, scalable maps with Leaflet.js
- Create a fullscreen video background
- Create web infographic styles in Photoshop

USA Today

Behind the scenes with the team who built the million selling newspapers 30th anniversary rebrand

Woody Hayday, CEO at StormGate reveals the flexibility of freelance and how to get the most out of a client-freelancer relationship.

Free with this issue…
Over 200 minutes of HTML5 & jQuery video tutorials

Vintage HTML template

Visual Theme WordPress theme

28 Torn paper brushes

35 Foliage vectors

The Lobster font

10 Recommended HTML5/CANVAS/WEBGL tools and examples

30 Sound effects and loops

Essential magazine tutorial files

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