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Author: Steve Jenkins
23rd August 2012

Web Designer 200 on sale now

Web Designer has reached its 200th Issue and to help celebrate our success we have the WordPress supremo Matt Mullenweg as our special guest editor. He shares his vision for the future of the web in a 5-page interview and picks his favourite design/developement tools

Web Designer 200 on sale now

Our special edition 200th anniversary issue is bursting to the seams. Check out what’s on offer.

200 Tools and trends

A must-have collection of tools that every designer and developer needs.

Matt Mullenweg interview

Web Designer 200 guest editor and WordPress supremo Matt Mullenweg shares his vision of the future of the web.

A crash course in Git

Get to grips with Github, the ultimate collaboration tool for developers

Pro File- Soleil Noir

Parisian web architects reveal a love of Flash, coffee and a need to avoid sales strategies

Also inside…

Create an interactive 3D interface with WebGL
How to serve images to hi-res screens
Create multiple WordPress loops to display posts from specific categories
Build a HTML5 geolocation friend-finder app (part 1)
How to build a custom URL shortener
Add facebook data to your website with the Graph API

Design Diary: Riding the development lifecycle with firstborn and the SONY experience

Comment: Patrick Van Kann, R/GA’s technology specialist comments on how to build a better Internet with responsible Javascript

Free with this issue…

200 tools for designers and developers
20 Premium and standard WordPress themes
10 essential cheat sheets
19 charcoal scribble brushes
7 brown paper textures
30 audio files from Soundsnap
HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery videos from KillerSites
Optimising Flash for iOS and Android from Cartoon Smart


OVER 9 HOURS OF CSS3 VIDEO TUTORIALS (In association with CartoonSmart)
The CSS3 Mega Course guides kicks off with a gentle introduction to IE conditional comments and CSS3 colour formats, before upping the pace and tackling the more popular concepts such as @font-face and background properties. Part 3 delves into the more dynamic elements, including animation and transitions, as part 4 introduces CSS3 Media Queries.

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    • Jose Carlos Cepero

      Does this promotion is only for the print magazine? Also for the iPad version?


    • rickymartin

      Great news I think this is only for magazine.

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    • Si


      Is there something missing from the DVD? When I click on the Facebook Graph part it downloads a .ZIP file which contains a Word document with some code. It’s not explained very well…..and the article keeps on referring to copy so and so file from the DVD but there is nothing there!

      I have not been able to progress in the tutorial thanks to this….

      Any suggestions?


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    • James Best

      I subscribe digitally and wondered how I can get the free disc content as a download? ANy help would be great!

    • Tony

      My copy of the DVD supplied with the (200th edition) magazine only has part 1 of the CSS 3 video tutorials – how do you gain access to view the missing parts? Or is this a faulty DVD?

    • Gabor

      “My copy of the DVD supplied with the (200th edition) magazine only has part 1 of the CSS 3 video tutorials – how do you gain access to view the missing parts? Or is this a faulty DVD?”
      I have the same problem.

    • Gabor

      Part 2, 3 and 4 are not on the disc.
      Double click on the launch_disc.html file and you can watch the videos in your browser online.

    • Brandy

      Missing content on cd provides for a distracting 200th release???