Joomla: 5 more reasons to switch from WordPress

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  • Dmytro Lazarchuk

    and here is the easiest way to move content from joomla to wp – https://cms2cms.com

  • Abdelhadi Oudaoud

    Actually I am going to switch to wordpress, joomla is sock, they still using bootstrap 2 and if your template is using boostrap 3 then anythin you want to edit in frontend page will not work.

  • Emmanuel Lemor

    I develop on both and god WP is so much more inconvenient and a pain than Joomla. And interestingly enough even though WP professes itself as being easy – none of my clients actually find it easy to handle/manage/or do stuff in – the reality is with 1-2 hr of training on both users find Joomla way easier and more logical, go figure!