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Author: Steve Jenkins
28th February 2014

Got a great idea for a web app? Find out why a web host could be your new best friend

Web apps have revolutionised the way in which virtually all types of website are now built

Got a great idea for a web app? Find out why a web host could be your new best friend

Web apps have revolutionised the way in which virtually all types of website are now built. Even the smallest business websites have greatly enhanced their functionality and usability in this way, due to what appears to be an insatiable appetite from consumers for apps-driven websites.

Thus, it is no surprise that according to recent research, the majority of web pros are now focused on pursuing projects surrounding new web apps. Now more than ever, the hosting industry has experienced a strong demand for credible third-party application integrations within business websites. In order to satisfy this need, web hosts are reaching out to the developer community for the opportunity to contribute to a high-end application library.

So if you have a great concept for a web app, why should you turn to a web host for help? The fact is that web hosts often have thousands and sometimes even millions of users who could potentially catapult your app into the mass market. Through a strategic partnership, developers also have the chance to work with the experts within web hosts to further develop and publicise their app. These can be the kiss of life for a project, giving developers the chance to further develop and market an application to their captive user base.

Global-scale web hosting companies now run development partner programmes that proactively reach out to developers working on app concepts that need a boost.  As the co-founder and CEO of Viewbix (, a popular video marketing tool, Jonathan Stefansky knows first hand how valuable collaborating with a web host on an app development project can be, seeing a mutually beneficial opportunity and a chance to help grow his consumer outreach.

For the past two years, Viewbix has been providing video marketing opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses all over the world. Adding a layer to pre-existing videos and photo streams, Viewbix integrates ‘call to action’ buttons directly within the multimedia. This technique has proven to increase mailing list subscription, social media visitors and followers, and appointment bookings to name a few. “Within 30 days our program was complete and implemented within a flagship product. This was a great way for Viewbix to get immediate exposure to their existing 500,000+ customer base,” said Stefansky.

Whether you have already developed a reputable app or are working on a new idea, consider venturing into the hosting industry for partnership opportunities. Collaborating with a web host gives your program access to thousands of customers all with little to no investment – depending on the level of development support needed.
Currently with 70,000 customers, Stefansky feels it made perfect sense for Viewbix to work with a web host. “We look for companies that value the partnership, have similar target audiences and are an active and growing company. They also showed interest in shared marketing and a focus on supporting the customer, which are both very important to us.  Their impressive client base holds great value in the development partner campaign and the whole process was a great experience,” said Stefansky.

A developer partner program from a web host can be ideal for developers of all levels . For example, web hosts can provide assistance by offering you a software development kit. Developed with a high level of standardisation, an SDK makes all app solution integrations as easy as possible, so your solution fits perfectly to their products.
Additionally, an app can be further worked on with the help of experienced web developers on the host side. If you do not have the time or ability to fully develop the application on your own, web hosts can also connect you with a development agency that is highly skilled in developing your type of app.  Once completed, a hosting provider will then add it within their catalogues at no cost to the developer.

So, are there any disadvantages to the developer? It is true that hosts will need a high degree of quality control, extensive testing work and may wish to align an app with current user demands. However, web hosts seek truly innovative apps and all parties are intrinsically motivated by what is best for the app overall.

“There is big potential for developers to take advantage of a web host, to help increase their exposure. Partnering with a credible web host increases the app’s reach and visibility among the DIY and hosting users, which then leads to overall increased profits and business success,” added Stefansky. To begin a partnership with a web host, a developer need only to reach out and ask for the support, because it’s certainly out there.

By Richard Steveson

As head of PR for 1&1, Richard Stevenson has been in the web hosting industry for over 10 years, many of which were spent working with SMEs worldwide to drive web adoption and awareness for eBusiness activities.

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