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Author: Steve Jenkins
30th January 2013

Andy Budd and Clearleft reveals their predictions for 2013

Brighton based UX experts Clearleft and its co-founder Andy Budd reveal their thoughts on what’s going to happen in the world of web design in 2013.


Andy Budd and Clearleft reveals their predictions for 2013

Andy is a founding partner and MD at UX design consultancy Clearleft. When he is not organising conferences, he takes time to speak at some of the biggest design events around. Andy and Clearleft are highly qualified to comment on what is going to be big in 2013.

Independent design startups

The relentless consolidation of big London agencies and the homogenized output will force talent to seek their fortune elsewhere. This will coincide with an explosion of design-led and design-savvy startups in the capital.

The Responsive Backlash

As with every new concept, there comes a time for it to hit a backlash. In late 2013 we’ll see brands abandon responsive sites for mobile-specific solutions. However, this backlash will be short lived as we figure out solutions to the trickier problems.

UX Metrics

Metrics-based accountability is going to become much bigger in 2013. It’s been a long time coming, but clients are now looking for more than ‘faith based design’ – they’re getting savvy with analytics and business KPIs, and expect us to deliver. Agencies that can’t keep up will lose out.
Harry Brignull, Clearleft

Web native design

2013 will see a growing discussion about which graphic practices are best-suited to web design. As we begin to appreciate it as a medium in its own right, and in the quest for reduced complexity, baseline grids, complex layouts and image-heavy designs may soon become old news.
Paul Lloyd, Clearleft

Preprocess everything

Paid-for compiler apps such as LESS will increasingly replace open-source command-line tools. This will make it increasingly easy to build the preprocessing of CSS and JavaScript into workflows. Non-technical people will rejoice, while purists cry foul.
Mark Perkins, Clearleft

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