Create an image viewer with Spry

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    Though i have yet not applied but i really liked the concept…….Thanks for sharing with us.

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    I like this – “The full-size images can be simply resized”. Really very nice things to read on web.


  • Abbie

    Hi, I have got as far as page 4, got to this bit:

    Now go to Insert>Spry>Spry XML Data Set, name the data set, eg dsGallery, click Browse, locate the the XML file just created, press get Schema, press photo to populate XPath as follows: gallery/photos/photo and press OK. Dreamweaver may place the code further down the page. If so copy and paste and place next to the includes for neater code layout.

    and I get this message:

    Failed to get schema from the dynamic feed. Please make sure the testing server is configured in the site definition.

    Help please?!


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    This is realy cool. Many thanks. LC

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    very cool thanks…

  • munsing sookunah

    i want all the coding of html to learn how to create a web site

  • Samantha

    I am having the same problem as Abbie. Additionally, mine says “Expected an attribute value(2,8)”

  • http://matthewanonen.ca Matt

    I am also having the problem Abbie and Samantha indicated. And it expects and attribute value (6,8). This tutorial could be a little more specific. I see differences in the process between Dreamweaver CS3 and my CS4

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    What I’ve started doing for a couple of projects recently is to add an image gallery to wordpress and then export gallery to xml which I parse using ajax requests.

    That way my clients have a robust image management system but the actual gallery site has none of the overheads of constantly running the IMS.