Create a site map with HTML

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3 responses to “Create a site map with HTML”

  1. Ofer says:

    I added a sitemap to my websites and i have to say, there is not much of a change there.
    Google does a great job with its webmaster tool though

  2. Jerry Shafferton says:

    Maybe you did it wrong, a sitemap makes it easier for spiders/bots to trawl your site and index every page. Our site has a properly made sitemap and we only have two or three pages that are not indexed by google. And we dont just have a few pages we have at least 35. If you need help making a sitemap properly, go to they done mine for a very reasonable price, very cheap actually considering there are places that charge around a hundred pounds and it is a bit too much for an xml sitemap. Email them and they will give you a quote

  3. I agree with the commend above. It needs to be looked… doesnt sound right to me!

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