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Author: Steve Jenkins
1st June 2009

WordPress Reloaded

The WordPress phenomenon has taken the art of blogging to a global audience, and not without good reason

WordPress Reloaded
The WordPress phenomenon has taken the art of blogging to a global audience, and not without good reason.
It is aptly described by its creators as ”a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.” This only scratches the surface of what a true publishing force WordPress is though.

Its success can be attributed to three more obvious features; it’s free, simple to install and incredibly easy to use. Adopting WordPress allows designers, bloggers and casual users to create a web presence in just a matter of minutes. The latest incarnation of the blogging tool, WordPress 2.7, has taken all the winning attributes of previous versions and scaled new heights. Usability has always been a big part of WordPress DNA and 2.7 undoubtedly brings with it a host of major updates.

The Dashboard has been completely redesigned and brings together all the essential elements of posting into an easy-toaccess interface. Customisation and configuration are key elements that drive usability and ultimately improved workflow in WordPress 2.7. Beyond the more obvious aesthetically seductive Dashboard design, users are given control of content. Made up of several modules, these are all collapsable and movable. Users get to choose position, state, configuration and ultimately decide which modules stay to make their own customised interface. Beyond the Dashboard, a host of improvements have been introduced to give bloggers better productivity, improved functionality and far greater control.

WordPress Reloaded
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    • andy

      Hi there,

      Recently been approached to create ‘template designs’ for ‘blogs’- but very new to it!

      My dilemma is – though proficient in design software – I’m seeking a book to help me get familiar with WordPress, but reading reviews the overall thinking is that most books seem to be out-of-date, considering WordPress 2.7 has recently been releasesd and in your own words very diffrent from previous versions!!

      Not sure where to turn to next?
      Help would be much appreciated.

      Kind regards,

    • lexpression

      Nothing in the free open source world compares to wordpress as a blogging engine and it just keeps getting better. My dream would be that Drupal and WordPress would become one to have the ease of creating a great blog experience together with the flexibility of Drupal’s Content Construction Kit.

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