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Author: Imagine Admin
12th May 2009

Tips for the perfect interview

Enhance your prospects of Landing your dream job, with Marc Shelkin from recruitment specialists, Source

Careers 2009

Enhance your prospects of Landing your dream job, with Marc Shelkin from recruitment specialists, Source

Marc Shelkin

GETTING YOUR FOOT in the door of a possible employer is all very well, but what do you do once you’re there? Successfully negotiating an interview has many parts and my article this month explores the best way to approach it, so you make the best possible impression. While it may be true that every company or agency has different interview methods with varing levels of respect for the process, it remains up to you in terms of how much you demonstrate a desire to project a positive attitude. So let’s get started on our checklist!

Pre-interview prep
1. Interview confirmation
On the day of the interview, make sure you double-check it’s still on. Many interviewers’ diaries get moved around and people get pulled into last-minute meetings and pitches. Take a map with you and arrive ten minutes early.
2. Dress code
First impressions are everything; check the dress code of the agency or company before you arrive. Cultural fit plays a big part in an interview, so it’s important they see you as one of them. Most creatively led design and digital agencies are very casual and laid-back, so keep this in mind.
3. Research and preparation
The first question you will be asked by the interviewer is ‘what do you know about us?’ Make sure that you have visited their website and your recruitment consultant has told you as much about them as possible. It is essential that you read the job specification and take a copy with you, although the specs can be very generic. The more research and preparation you can do, the more professional and organised you will appear to be.

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    • Nikolai

      Being confident and relaxed is great but don’t be too relaxed! I am getting a bit long in the tooth and I have been to quite a few interviews over the years, and I just don’t care any longer.

      I end up being more relaxed than the interviewers, and I have noticed that they don’t like this. So… fake a little nerves at least.

    • sabah

      i think this is an indeed very useful artical. Thank you very much. good advice. easy to remember.

    • Natasha Wahba

      Hm, I am ok with this however not fully certain, hence i’m about to research a bit more.

    • RT

      I meet Mark at a recruitment agency he is self obsessed, rude, arrogant and lacked any real understanding of the industry. He dropped out of college due and failed in his chosen career. I would take this article and any advice from him with a pinch of salt.