Create a WordPress theme with underscores

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  • James

    You can avoid the mucking about with directories after untaring by using –strip-components=1 to put the wordpress files in the current directory.

  • Alex


    I’m using underscores [ _s ] for a new site. I really like that this theme is so pared down.

    One issue that I recently ran into is in trying to install a slide viewer plugin (called Cyclone Slider 2). For some reason the scripts aren’t working.

    Is there anything special that needs to be added to the functions.php file in order to get plugins to work?


  • Tricia Francis

    I’m noticing the page title for the blog (home) page has been removed. I tried adding it back using the code from my old home.php file, but it was a bust. Where and how do I add it back?

  • vijayrajesh


    I created a set of styles for any new _S generated themes. Please check them at http://blog.pixelthemes.com/wordpress-themes/starter-style-starter-theme-based-underscores/

    I thought it could be useful for any developers who want to use _S for base WordPress theme,

    Thank you,

  • Guest


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