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Author: Steve Jenkins
25th April 2012

Redesign the 99designs homepage and win $1000

99designs challenges designers to revamp its current home page to be in with a chance of winning $1000

Redesign the 99designs homepage and win $1000

99designs is looking to bring a new and fresh perspective to their homepage at Designers who wish to participate in the 99designs Homepage Redesign Contest can register for free and submissions will be judged by the 99designs staff and a panel of industry experts including Joe Gebbia, co-founder and CPO of Airbnb; Arem Duplessis, Design Director for The New York Times Magazines and  Mark Harbottle, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded 99designs, Flippa and SitePoint.

99designs will choose up to three winning homepage designs, and will award a $1,000 cash prize to each winning designer. Following the contest, 99designs will test the homepage designs using its internal testing methodologies, and will incorporate winning elements into the next version of its homepage.

Entries are being accepted until Wednesday 14th May 2012.

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    • Sarah

      So they are getting their site redesigned by multiple designers for just $1,000. Great. Everything about how 99designs works cheapens the value of design.

    • Adam

      Sarah: “99designs challenges designers to revamp its current home page to be in with a chance of winning $1000″

      The home page only!

    • richard shoulders

      Sounds like a fun challenge!

      Sarah, do you remember when designing things was fun? I used to love cooking until I did it professionally… had to quit because I became super jaded… food for thought ;)

    • http:/ duli

      No matter what 99design is, but i think $1000 for website design still too cheap.

    • Professional Web Design

      holy crap, this is horrible! 99designs sucks.

      They will have hundreds of websites to choose from and only have to pay $1000.

      Way to ruin web design

    • Nikki

      The description on the contest page says it’s just a one-page design, doesn’t seem horrible to me. (And it also says they’ll pick 3 designs so 3 people will get $1,000, the odds are better.) But then I like playing around with designing like this, and have had fun with these kind of contests. (My boyfriend’s a video game junkie and I’d say my time designing for these kinds of contests is more productive than the hours he spends staring at his screen!!)

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    • James Yeabsley

      A site like that would cost easily in excess of £15,000 in the uk to be done professionally. But i think if im not mistaken its a contest for just the homepage logo and layout is it not? im not sure