Build a responsive WordPress theme with Reverie 4

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  • Michael M.

    Great tutorial and a really nice responsive framework.

  • yuki

    great tutorial , Thanks http://www.web-designer.sg

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  • Wilf

    Where can I find the Orbit Slider plugin? A search doesn’t turn much up.

  • Grumbly McMadeupname

    ” locate line 4554 of style.css”
    Mine only has 577 lines. Where are the rest of ’em? Now, ‘app.css’ has 6341 lines, should I be tweaking that?
    Forgive me If I’m being stupid, I’m learning as I go.

  • John

    @grumblymcmadeupname:disqus yes, you want the app.css file. This must just be a mistake in this tutorial. I thought the same but the app.css correlates to the lines of code the tutorial mentions.

    @disqus_nyfNMGRSJa:disqus The Orbit slider plugin is actually called ‘Orbit Gallery’ when searching for it.