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Author: Imagine Admin
6th March 2012

Web Designer 194 on sale

Web Designer issue 194 is on sale from Thursday March 8th. Get a look at the latest cover and find out the major highlights in the mag and on the coverdisc…

Web Designer 194 on sale

- Main Features
Google Analytics
- Use vital statistics to increase web traffic – How to maximise your hits, visits, views and uniques

Push for performance
- Expert developer Jeffrey Way on why code optimisation is vital, with tips and tools on how to do it

Design Diary: Art4web
- This Slovakian agency describes the process of revamping its highly-acclaimed website

Pro File: Shout Digital
- Stories of creative success coming loud and clear from this award-winning, full service digital agency

- Also inside…
- Cutting-edge navigation effects with CSS3 alone
- Integrate Mozilla’s new BrowserID login into your website
- Interactive animations with Adobe Edge’s scripting features
- Open a WordPress-based eShop with the WooCommerce plugin
- Move your 3D web models from SketchUp to WebGL
- Develop a secure login with Ruby on Rails
- Get started with JSON development (part 2)

- Covermount CD
City Facebook Fan Page template from ActiveDen worth $15
Lofty WordPress theme from FThemes
70 Pearl Social Media Icons from GraphicRiver worth $8
82 Sumi Stroke Photoshop Brushes from Photoshop Tutorials
50 Music loops and sound FX from
Oaken Bucket Font set from
AS3 Menus Part 4 video, over 70 minutes

As usual, you will be able to purchase the latest issue directly from our Imagine eShop

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    • James A

      I just bought issue 193 yesterday here in Cincinnati, Ohio USA and I really like it. Loved the articles on JSON and RubyOnRails developement. I was more interested in the WebDeveloper section.

    • Karl P

      Your Main Features
      Google Analytics
      - Use vital statistics to increase web traffic – How to maximise your hits, visits, views and uniques

      Will this cover Google reactions to the 26 May deadline 2012 for websites in the UK to either ask users to allow the site to put a cookie on the users system or face up to £500,000 fine for not complying with UK Law.
      Currently most research in this area has resulted in a “NO” don’t track me will be the answer voiding any analytic results.
      I know most people will do the wait and see option but as far as i can tell the ico are pushing ahead with enforcing this law so larger organisations will be an easier targets.
      Google can bring out all the functions they want will all the bells and whistle but if they don’t address this issue developers responsible for larger site will have no choice but to change the analytic to either a Javascript or server side solution.
      Any thoughts?

    • Emma

      It is nice

    • Charlie

      Has anybody had this error with 193 (first part of the ruby developer page)?

      NoMethodError in PostsController#index

      undefined method `key?’ for nil:NilClass
      Rails.root: C:/Sites/blog

      Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace


      Show session dump

      Show env dump



      I really need to sort it out for this issue…
      Thanks guys!

    • Nishant

      please tell me where i can get it in India

    • FC

      Is it me not finding it or isn’t there a digital subscription option? Why should I pay more for a printed version and wait it to be delivered all across Europe?

    • Amit Das

      Hey Nishant,

      You can get it from Starmark (Kolkata), Colaba book stores (Mumbai). Don’t know about other places.


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      Amit Das, check your tweeter yaar… ek cheej bheja hai.

    • rickymartin

      Very nice.