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Author: Imagine Admin
21st June 2011

Adobe Flash Reader Survey

As part of a forthcoming review on the perceptions of Flash-based web design, we invite you to answer our quick community survey…

Adobe Flash Reader Survey


As part of an imminent focus on Flash technology and the perceptions the community has about its place within modern web design/development, we are encouraging our readership and Twitter fans to take part in a special online survey. It’s open to everyone and you needn’t be a hardened Flash coder or expert, just someone with an opinion on how it should be used, what it’s best at, plus reactions to the much hyped battle it faces with HTML5 for future supremacy.

We hope to gather the results from all nine of the quick, simple multiple choice questions for a forthcoming feature and analyse the results. So this is a great chance to take part and get involved with shaping some coverage in your favourite web design magazine!

It’s completely anonymous, you don’t need to register and it’ll take literally a few minutes to finish. Please note also that the survey is 100% unnofficial to Adobe.

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    • steven

      APPLE…I love and work daily with them but they’ve really killed flash….by not supporting it there’s a huge paranoia of people not seeing sites how they should be, and seeing as everyone wants to be able to ‘devour’ a website and ALL it’s contents in 0.34 seconds there is no room for technology like flash, never mind that it can create VISUALLY stunning websites, applications and so on, people just haven’t got the patience to LOOK! so I fear it will shortly be De-funked….and for the record I haven’t worked in Flash for over 9 months and I really miss it, but I got so tired of clients and baffoons asking ‘why dunt’ it work on an iphone?’

      R.i.P Flash, you will be missed.

    • ocube

      My opinion of flash hasn’t changed in the sense that I feel it has its place on the web. If anything, my opinion of Apple has changed; my freedom of choice far exceeds what ever cool product APple can come up with. I have decided to vote with my wallet and go android just to express disapproval of Apple using marketing to discredit a rival product.

    • joshintosh

      Not really going to miss it. It was kind of a pain in the butt, hard to update and change, and not flexible or adaptable at all. People can make cool games and animations with it, but for websites, its a thing that I’m glad is dieing off.

    • Jenn

      Flash is as dead as Rock n’ Roll.

    • Min

      Before CSS site got popular, everyone wanted to make flash sites, but when I look at it now, it was unnecessary because it’s hard to create and maintain.
      Flash is more for motion like promotional website or something that needs to interact with users in a more fun way.
      I don’t think Flash will ever die.

    • Alan Gresley

      With CSS3 animation slowly making inroads into webdesign and browsers (along with other parts of CSS3 and SVG), I can see flash being dropped very quickly. CSS3 animation with some HTML is a rival to in the quality of animations that can be produced.

    • atyp FX

      It will be interesting to see how hyped HTML 5 is in a few years.

    • Arielo

      Just a few letters HTML5,it will be the future of web design,but i lov flash,but we do what it paids us.(or me)

    • Chuck Spidell

      Goodbye Flash and it’s usability issues, lame SEO support, slow image decompression and download. Say hello to CSS3 and HTML 5.

    • Jaqs

      RIP Flash… Please die very quickly so I will never again have to interrupt my web browsing to install one of your many updates.

    • Wil

      Say what you want, but now after programming in both flash and javascript/css/html/ (every freakin dom change for every freaking browser) flash is way easier to program and develop large scale web apps. Apple and all there fanatics are suggesting that dealing trying to corral javascript, html, css, (various browser doms) is some how easier and better than programming/developing in the one language of Actionscript. My guess is that the longer flash hangs on and is still used by every other tablet and phone beside IOS , the others will begin to grab more of the market share and allow their users enjoy all there is to consume on the web and as this happens, I believe apple will eventually capitulate. Apple using this farce about Flash being the worst thing ever invented for the internet will eventually become silly when people started to get tired of buying or accumulating applications because the access possible through web kit html5 and javascript is insufficient.