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Author: Dave Harfield
16th May 2009

Five questions with Nicholas Patten

So who’s Nicholas Patten

So who’s Nicholas Patten?

He’s a web designer and video editor
He lives in New York City
He’s a mac but was once a PC
He takes on projects from clients worldwide
He likes to keep complexity simple
He loves to snowboard

He’s also into css, xhtml, php, photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, flash, final cut pro, after effects, ableton live and protools.
The only other thing you need to know about Nicholas is that he’s the latest leading digital creative to answer our Five Questions.
Everything else about Nicholas can be discovered here
Thanks for taking part Nicholas!

Five questions with Nicholas Patten

Describe yourself in five words?
Colorful, Open, Joker, Interested, Sharer

Which design tool makes the biggest contribution to your creative output and why?
I use Photoshop the most when designing anything from print to graphic design. If I am video editing I export to After Effects or Final Cut Pro. Photoshop is the one application I can say I have used for the past 10 years. I’ve gone through many HTML/CSS applications, browsers, etc, but Photoshop hasn’t let me down. I like this application because it allows me to save the file in layers for easy editing later on. If you were to look in my saved folders all you would see are PSD files and AE files. I do use Illustrator for vector graphics and for logo design, but in the end my go-to is Photoshop. Adobe truly has changed the web design, graphic design, and print design world. If they were to combine both After Effects and Premiere into one application they would truly have a monster impact on the video editing game.

Tell us what you consider to be the most useful technique in the design/development process?
Research. Before I start any project I do an immense amount of research to see what’s been done before. I tend to stay away from the overused designs or techniques in both graphic and web design. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and Photoshop when I was 14. Yes, I was one of those kids who stayed in all summer to teach myself by going to websites that I liked and copying source code to see how the site worked/functioned.

Web creatives love designer fonts. What’s your favorite and why?
This one is a hard question. Museo Sans 700 is one of my favorites because I don’t really see it used a lot. I use it on my site right now. I still have love for the old fonts that keep looking fresh and new, but I like to stick with fonts that not very many people have used.

What is the one tip that you would give to anyone trying to get into the industry?

I think the key to success in any industry is networking. A great/fast way to network is of course through social networks. I’ve signed up for a lot of social networks, and post my latest work to my Posterous, but I use Twitter the most. Thanks to @melfi for making me join Twitter way before it was mainstream. I never really went out of my way to meet people in my industry through a social network until Twitter came along. It’s really amazing to see how many doors Twitter has opened. Through Twitter and PayPal I’ve been able to work from my Macbook for clients all around the world. Also, don’t stop learning the new software and techniques. I still do Photoshop tutorials every week of things I thought I knew. The moment you think you’ve learned all you can learn is the moment you’ve been left behind.

Excellent answers, we’re sure you’ll agree so leave your comments and feedback below…

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    • Nick

      Nick is the man. And now it’s been confirmed — he’s world famous. He is truly a man of many talents. CONGRATS NICK!! We used to water balloon the band kids together HAHA.

    • website development delhi

      nick is a man and he is uses photoshop