Ben Frain: Is it right to be responsive?

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  • melanie

    There are massive typos in the title (repsonsive) and subheading (Responsvie) which are detracting from an otherwise great article.

  • http://..responsivewebdesignblog.com Chris: responsivewebdesignblog.com

    Yes, it is a great article! The real question right now is what will be the future and the true answer for the multi-screen world. Will it be adaptive or responsive? At this juncture it looks like responsive is winning that war…for now.

    And what about the use of Photoshop and similar tools, how will these tools play a role in the multi-screen world. You can explore this notion as seen in the article:


  • http://www.webdesignforbeginners.info Theo

    The first part of the article only gives us the by now well known main reason to create responsive designs (catering to all sorts of viewport sizes). The second part leaves me with the impression that the author misunderstood Ethan Marcotte’s comparison with architecture.
    In my opinion the main reason not to use a responsive design is that users use different devices for different purposes and in different contexts. If you can better cater to those different needs with device specific designs then you should not use a responsive design.

  • http://benfrain.com Benjamin Frain

    Hi Theo, sorry the architecture reference was nothing to do with Ethan’s original comparison/reference to architecture in the notion of responsive web design. I am well aware of that and reference it many times in my own book on responsive web design.

    It was more the sentiment of people websites as if they will be around in their existing form in any more than a decade (the content may, the presentation probably not).

    Hope that clarifies and apologies for the very delayed response (had no idea this had been published online rather than just in the magazine)!

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