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Our key audience profile is 95% male, aged 18-35

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Web Designer Magazine brand values

Web Designer is the leading authority for worldwide web creatives and designers. Covering next-gen technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress and mobile apps across expert guides, it’s the premium choice for a variety of dedicated audiences.

Brand values

  • Always at the cutting edge of web design
  • Leading authority on web development since 1997
  • Content pitched to all designers and developers of any level
  • Connected to the biggest professional agencies in the business
  • Renowned annual web design awards

Web Designer advertising opportunities

There are numerous ways to work with the Web Designer brand. We would recommend a number or all of the following options for maximum exposure:

  • Website takeovers and premium sponsored positions
  • Sponsorship of the Web Designer email newsletter
  • Display page advertising in the print and digital editions
  • Bookazine sponsorship
  • Creative options within the printed edition, including gatefolds, special cover processes, reverse cover positions and gift sponsorship